Furniture moving, furniture shipping



Should you require a dynamic and professional furniture moving service, Herkules-Trans Ltd can assist you with the following general and special services:

Furniture moving
  • provision of packaging materials (boxes, adhesive tapes, plastic and paper wrapping materials etc.)
  • delivery of empty boxes in advance of moving and their collection afterwards, if required
  • pre-packaging of paintings, office machinery, home or other appliances
  • indexed labeling of boxes with books and documents
  • transportation of safe cases and heavy machines
  • transportation of office equipment and machinery
  • removal and reinstallation of detachable shelves
  • special packaging of fragile objects
  • special transportation of valuables, musical instruments, and antique furniture
  • professional transportation of furniture, with dissembling and reassembling included, if necessary
  • moving of furniture and refurbishment within the same building
  • lifting and lowering of furniture
  • partial or complete junk clearance
  • obtaining of the necessary entrance or parking permits.

How the furniture moving is carried out:

Though each moving is different in its circumstances, the following phases are always part of the activity:

- the client provides us via telephone or internet with the basic information about the specifics of the required moving, including:

  • the exact From and To locations
  • the number of floors at Departure and at Destination
  • availability, size and usage of elevators
  • if packaging materials or services are required
  • if delivery of packaging materials in advance is required
  • the parking and accessibility conditions for the lorry at Departure and at Destination

- based on the above information, we assess and propose a suitable number and size of vehicles and an appropriate number of staff
- once the client has received our fee quote, the order can be placed by phone, fax or e-mail.

Recommendations for the day of moving:

  • it is recommended to have a parking place reserved before the arrival of the lorry to the Departure location, preferably as close as possible to the entrance of the building
  • it is important to make sure that the elevators - if applicable - are available for use without any restrictions
  • it is advisable to mark or separate the boxes containing fragile objects.
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